Peter Morcom's Kintec Customer Story

Bob van der Vliet
over 1 year agoNovember 6, 2018
Hi Peter,

First of all, thanks for the story you put out there. 

Me '"in a nutshell". I moved from the Netherlands to Abbotsford in 2015. I run all my life. I used to go to Runnersworld in the city of Haarlem. The owners are friends and they always use a treadmill with a video, so I ended up with the best customer service and shoes! When I came here, I didn't check things out in terms of runner stores and bought shoes at Runningroom. But they only choose shoes that fit your size and don't ask about pronation etc. I find that they are also not so customer focused like I was used to in the Netherlands. 
Now, I found, through a friend, Kintec and want to visit the store and have some good advice on runners (Trail). 

Kind regards,
Bob van der Vliet
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