Footwear Technology Pt 1: The Proving Ground - The Science Behind Nike's React Infinity Run

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Footwear has long been considered an important component to preventing injuries in runners. For nearly every risk factor for injury there has been a corresponding footwear design to mitigate that risk. Over-pronation, impact loads, and heel strike pattern have each been addressed through the introduction of stabilizing elements (dual-density mid-sole, thermo-plastic shank), shock-absorbing materials, and minimalist designs respectively. Continued innovation in both shoe design and material selection, as well as greater understanding in running-injury epidemiology, motivate the need for continued study on how effective contemporary running footwear can protect its user from injury or pain.

Part 1 of this webinar will highlight the study that took place in Vancouver, BC in 2019 that provided the evidence supporting Nike’s global claim of 52% injury reduction with the React Infinity Run shoe.

July 22, 2020

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