Patellofemoral Pain ft. Physiatrist, a Physiotherapist and a Pedorthist

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Anterior knee pain is one of the most common sports injuries that can manifest itself through a variety of pathological origins and symptomatic presentations. Recent advances in how to apply conservative management for patellofemoral pain can now lead to more precise prescription of exercise, orthotic and footwear treatments. Michael Ryan, PhD, C. Ped (C) will highlight how to better identify responders to orthotic therapy, and will be joined by Jeff Rolland, MPT to touch on the value of combining targeted exercises, and possibly blood-flow restriction therapy, in this approach. Dr. Kaila Holtz, MD will overview medical strategies, including ultrasound-guided approaches, for the recalcitrant patient.

This panel webinar will feature short presentations from each clinical specialty before opening into a wider question-and-answer period from the moderator and audience. Book now and get your questions ready for what promises to be an engaging and informative event.

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