Exhausting Conservative Care Options Pt 2: Advanced Pedorthic Care for Chronic Foot and Ankle Pain

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Chronic mid-foot osteoarthritis, tibialis-posterior dysfunction, adult-acquired flatfoot, acute traumatic orthopaedic injury. Collectively these conditions, and others, contribute to a growing group of patients experiencing chronic foot & ankle pain who languish in our system offering limited options outside of medication and surgery.

The fundamental need for many of these patients is mobility assistance due to mechanical insufficiency secondary to their injury or condition. Advanced pedorthic interventions such as footwear modifications, ankle-foot orthoses, and bespoke orthopaedic footwear are seldom considered, yet are vital non-surgical management options that help regain mobility and manage pain.

This webinar will highlight the nature of selected underlying conditions contributing to chronic foot and ankle pain before going into greater detail on the indications for a selection of advanced pedorthic options available at Kintec.

June 3, 2020

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Pieter Williams
11 months agoJune 6, 2020
Practical and insightful. Much enjoyed.
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