Bracing & Sports Injuries Pt 2 - Operative vs. Non-Operative Care

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Over the last 6 months we have seen people flock to outdoor recreation amid COVID restrictions. Canadians have taken up new activities in significant numbers and organized sports have now finally restarted. Whether it is soccer, mountain biking, running, or hiking, these activities all present the risk of injury and potential need for bracing. While most braces restrict the range of motion of an injured joint and promote recovery, there are many different types of braces, each with its own benefit. Whether it is knee OA, a knee ligament injury or Achilles tendinopathy, Kintec specializes in bracing solutions to help with the treatment and recovery of many common injuries. This webinar will dive deeper into the general strategy of bracing, while outlining how new technology has enhanced bracing effectiveness.

November 18, 2020

Dr. James Mason
5 months agoNovember 21, 2020
Excellent overview. Very useful for advising patients.
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